"UMD Tutor" Critique by Zahra Ashktorab

“UMD Tutor” is a site that I would definitely use if I was in need of a tutor for any given subject. Its simple interface allows users to enter the site and complete their tasks with minimal distractions. I like that this site incorporates a rating system so that users have sufficient feedback to choose tutors. The color scheme, though simple, guides the users’ attention to the areas that require attention. Since most college students are concerned about spending money, it is nice that the site allows users to filter the search based on the price that a tutor charges. The “About” and “FAQ” links are good guides for users that have questions. I also like how one is not required to register to rate/find tutors.

I remember seeing in the presentation for this site that there was an option for browsing all tutors, but while I was browsing the site myself, I was unable to find the list of all the tutors or even conduct a search based on subject that tutors teach. I tried to register, and either the site does not provide proper feedback when one completes registration, or the registration does not work. Also, I attempted to login and no feedback was given when I was unsuccessful: Was my username/password incorrect? Was my registration unsuccessful? I did not know.

I am unsure on how complete the site is in terms of functionality, because my registration/sign in were unsuccessful. Overall, however, I like the interface, look, feel and color scheme of the site.