Kayak.com is a travel search engine website based in the United States. It retrieves information from hundreds of other travel sites and helps users book flights, hotels, cruises, and rental cars. Kayak combines results from online travel agencies, such as Orbitz, and other sources such as large hotel chains. The layout and design of the website looks pretty simple. The option tabs are on the left side. Once an option between flights, hotels, cruises,deals and rental cars is selected, the user then goes to the center section of the screen to select dates of booking with several filters to choose from such as combinations of flights and hotels or hotels and rental cars.. Finally we have the right side section of the screen that displays the user's upcoming trips (if booked previously from the website) and options of cheaper flights.

If we start at the low level design of the website, The title “Kayak” and their motto “Search one and done” takes up the entire top line which could have been structured differently or reduced in size. The option tab on the left side are in grayish white color which aesthetically looks good but is ruined by the use of blue colored font with underline as titles for flights, hotels, cruises,deals and rental cars. The center section of the website is fairly consistent among all travel website regarding selection of flights and dates. The entire section has white background with black Arial font and grayish white buttons for selection of trips. The right section of the website that consists of the user history overlaps the center section which looks like a big design flaw. At the bottom of the screen there are several options in dark gray (over light gray background) for top flights and best destinations which looks like a poor choice of colors making it hard to read.

The user-navigation for the website is quite easy. The basic flow of the website is from left to right. Once the user clicks “Search” the website pops up several other websites like expedia.com, hotwire.com, southwest.com etc to give users all the options for cheapest flight. At first this sounds like a good idea but if the user keeps changing his/her mind about her travel dates then every time he/she changes the date more pop-ups appear on the screen. The website has an inconsistent reversal of action scheme. If the user navigates back to re-choose their travel plans, the website gives several errors like “Return date not chosen” because it seems to reload the previous selection of dates with some options left incomplete. Even though the website looks quite space efficient, it looks empty because the layout doesn't make good use of the space available to it. For example the homepage could use a section for “ The hottest deals” for users to check as soon as they come on the website unlike the option on left tab bar which has a separate tab for deals which a user may or may not check.

Few good features about this website are that firstly it is consistent. The flow goes from left to right for everything the user wants to book. There are shortcuts on the right side of the website for frequent users suck as “Your search history” and “Your upcoming trips”. By reducing the number of options on the screen to choose, the website makes i very easy for the users to use compared to other website in which the users have to look around the website to reach their desired goal.

Finally, Kayak.com has a simple interface with lots of places to improve but in the end it gets the job done.