Clone: Cs website clone


The original design of the Department of Computer Science looks very simple but there just too many tabs and links on a single page for a user to click on. The webpage feels quite crowded. For a user it becomes difficult to navigate through the website and find the right link once he/she reaches this page. The side-bar and the top bar both have options to choose from topics that could have been combined together. Quite number of options that acquire a lot of space in the page aren't even being managed properly for example the News and Events tabs are part of the table on the right side but could have easily made into buttons at the bottom instead of entire topic in the news scroller.

The redesign basically focuses on easy readibilty for user and certain changes to the options available in the sidebar. Instead of having every possible option on a single page, the redesigned webpage will have clickable links to broader topics which leads to a new page with narrower options. This reduces the amount of space used on a single page. A much smoother and more appropriate font is used that suits a university computer science website and the difference between all the font size is reduced which makes it easier to read. I have incorporated more use of Maryland flag colors in the website instead of just black and white fonts. Since we are only allowed to change the CSS, some of the content of the website including the sidebar were hard to change. One of the earlier changes were of white background to black background but it made it quite hard to read. Finally fonts' size were fixed by making menu options smaller and use less space and main content font size to be a bit bigger.