Abhishek Gupta - Wikinotes Critique

I liked their website idea. It was simple and efficient. I did not like their implementation because it was VERY easy to use and that is not always a good thing. Anyone can add and delete notes that someone else added. I think a user authentication should have been implemented. I did not like the color combination of the website either. They did implement a useful search function that a lot of other websites lacked. Also what bothered me about this group and I do know it's a petty thing to comment about but I felt they didn't take their presentation seriously.

The more I tried to use this website the more the interface confused me. The color alternation of classes and indentation of notes just doesn't make sense and made it hard to use their website. There is a lot of room for improvement and this could actually become a useful website like Terpnotes from bookholders.com. Firstly and most important is to implement the user authentication so that only users who added the notes can delete it. Some sort of filtering of notes so that people cannot add random and useless notes. Finally change the interface to make it look more like Web 2.0 format and easier to distinguish the different parts like Class and Notes. I believe with a little more effort they can make a very useful website for university of maryland students and I would love to use something like this for my classes, it will be very useful.