Abhishek Gupta ( You can call me Abu or AbuBear )
Facebook : I recently deactivated my facebook but I'll post the link once I come back on it.
Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/TheAbuBear
Twitter: http://twitter.com/crzyiswhtcrzydo ... I barely use it but if you have high stalking tendencies then go ahead =)
Email : abhishek AT umd DOT edu

Interface I like : www.ultimate-guitar.com. Couple of months back the website was updated and they introduced a lot of features that are very useful for musicians. For example there is auto scrolling with variable speeds ( I don't have stop in the middle while playing the piano or guitar just to scroll down), change of scale, shortcuts to other versions of the same song.

Interface I hate: The homescreen of the iPhone. It's just my opinion but I started to hate iPhone's tile homescreen once I got an android. Android is bloody amazing!! You can customize so much. I don't like apple gadgets anymore. Google FTW!!

P.S - Steve Jobs get well soon!!


Compare it to an android ( yes there are icons but thats not the entire interface)