HTML & CSS Assignment



The problem in the original was that the navigation links on the left did not look like links, and they also did not indicate the visited page. Also, the website did not have many colors, and it looked plain. I also noticed that the page had a lot of words, and it was a little overwhelming.
In my revised version, I changed the page so that the links on the left side look like links; they are underlined, and their font color is blue now. Also, when the mouse hovers over the links, the word is now italicized so that it is clear that clicking those lines will lead you to somewhere else. I changed color of the visited link to purple, so that it is easier to figure out where the users have visited already. I also added colors to the left margin and the announcement box on the right to make the page less plain. I put more spaces in between the links so that the page has some space.