Critique by Amaka Achukwu
What I liked:
I really liked the idea behind the website. I do believe that there is a need for students to be able to create resumes; this is especially evident for freshman and sophomores students as they sometimes don’t even know where to begin. I especially liked the theme of the website. It is clean and not loud so I was not distracted and was able to easily navigate the website. I also liked that only thing on the home page is the demo video along with the register button. This enables user to be able to get a glimpse of the product and if they want to try it out then can just hit the register button. The registration page was simple and direct; there was good error handling and hints. When I mistakenly typed and insufficient number of characters for my password upon registration, I was immediately alerted. The process of creating a resume is very intuitive but what I especially liked the most was the hints. It is very informative and helpful!
Room for improvement:
Overall the site was great! If I could suggest something it would be to add more sections in creating a resume. A resume does not only contain related coursework, GPA and previous education. Maybe there should be templates of some sort. However the ability to create a blank resume should not be removed. Ideally the user should be given the choice to either start from scratch or creating from template.