Amaka Achukwu

Copy of the original computer science website:


Description of my redesign:

One of the major things that I felt was wrong with the current CS website is that it lacked consistency with its previous pages. If you go to page, you get familiar with the red and black layout.Most of the the colleges' websites still adhere to that layout. If you the navigate to the website of the departments in CMNS all except Computer Science, Math and Physics follow the same layout. As a user, you find yourself wondering "why the change?" Our current Computer Science website even uses different color schemes; instead of using red and black like most of the websites, we use orange and yellow. When I made my revised design of the website, I made sure to change the background and give the website the same color scheme as its parent websites. I believe this would make it more consistent and contribute with the hierarchical flow of navigating from the college website to the department's.

Another thing that I did not like with our current website is the navigation bar on the right (the one containing the news, calender, etc.) There is no reason for it to be so big, especially bigger than the navigation on the left. It is not the highlight of the website, nor the the part of the website that needs to be most emphasized, so in my redesign, I made it smaller, giving more space for the center pane that discusses the department highlights. I also made the main menu on the top of the screen much bigger so that it looks like a menu and attracts the user's attention.

I would have loved to condense the menus (I don't see the need to have a left navigation and a main menu), but I couldn't do that with only CSS. Overall, my redesign attempts to remove the clutter on the page