Ayla Hurley
Computer Science major, German minor


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  • Interface I enjoy using:
    • My Sansa Clip+ mp3 Player.
    • Plays mp3s, radio, can do voice recording, etc.
    • From a pure-usability standpoint, I actually think this interface could be more user friendly. As it stands however it is fairly easy to figure out by playing with it; from the picture you can see that there are only 9 buttons total. The power button is at the top, the volume buttons are on the left side. There is a "home" button, which takes you to the main menu (from which you can choose music, radio, settings, etc.). The center button acts as the select button, while the four remaining have small symbols representing their use: >|| is play/pause, |<< and |>> indicate previous/next, and the bottom one is supposed to be a menu button.
    • Why I like it anyway: Because I'm the kind of person who can easily figure something out by fiddling with it for a bit, I love the elegance that the clip has in its design. With only five buttons (excluding power and volume) I can navigate my entire music library.
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  • Interface I dislike using:
    • OTRS - Open-source Ticketing Request System
    • Allows clients to submit a "ticket" describing their technical issues to the computing helpdesk for assistance
    • Why I dislike it: While the update made it look prettier and shinier, it hides functions that were more visible previously and shouldn't need to be hunted for. Small "improvements", such as giving the user an icon when a new message arrives in their locked queue, serve only to take up more time in reading a ticket that previously had no such icon to clear. It's the kind of system that the annoyances are in the details, and are thus difficult to pinpoint and explain, making that in and of itself an annoyance of the interface.
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