Ayla Hurley

CS Page Clone
Revised site


Instead of having the (mostly empty) Events, Accomplishments and In The News sections taking up 30% of the page, the design looks so much tidier when it's viewed as two sidebars, with the main content in the middle. There's not a random box - full of no information, mind you - in the middle of the "main" content. I added some items to all three sections to give a better idea of what it would look like were there any real content.

The only other minor change I made was to the layout regarding the main posts. In the original site, the post's title and sub-titles are so insignificantly different that it appears as though there is one post titled "Faculty Positions: Cyber Security", which has no content, immediately followed by a post titled "Director of Cyber Security". It's not made very clear that "Faculty Positions..." is a main title and "Director..." is a subtitle of the same post. The changes I made display this more clearly. "Faculty Positions..." and all post titles are now bolder, with a thicker bottom border line. The subtitle is made smaller, though still larger than the content text, to indicate its placement as a subtitle. It and the content text are indented, below the main title, to give further clarity that these subtitles and content are subsections of the main title. As minor a change to the layout and usability of the site it is, this was the one I found giving me the most prominent problem. While designing the clone site, I repeatedly wondered why there was an empty post titled "Faculty Positions: Cyber Security" which had no information, followed by posts about the positions with content. It wasn't until later that I realized they were sub-posts. That is why I decided to make these particular, though minor, changes.