Bill Share

Team Members:

  1. Vincent de Chacus
  2. JoshLeaverton
  3. Alison Smith
  4. Michael Whidby


Anyone living with roommates can attest that keeping track of the question “who owes who how much?” is difficult. In many living situations, one person pays for the rent and utilities, and it is up to them to determine how much all the other roommates owe them. There are other expenses that may need to be split, such as groceries and other one-time group purchases such as furniture, silverware/dinnerware and TVs. Another example is people who take a trip together: consider a camping trip. One person may pay for the campsite, and another may pay for the food. Others may not pay at all. When it comes time to decide how much money each person is owed/owes, it can be a painful experience. Our idea is a bill-sharing site that enables users to split expenses with each other. The idea is for a user to be able to create a receipt of a bill, choose who the bill is to be split between, and how to split the bill (evenly, or each person owes a certain percentage). There will be a page that gives an overview of how much the person owes/is owed by other users.

Target Users:

Our target user is anyone who has the need to split bills/expenses. Our primary focus will be on roommates, as we feel that this is a more common use case over splitting expenses for a trip/vacation. We should be able to have easy access to focus groups/user testing, as many of our classmates are ideal candidates.

Comment: Nice - sounds like it could be useful, especially if it supports ongoing tracking over a period of time to see how money is spent, etc. Might be useful to consider extending to consider stuff that is borrowed and how/when it is returned, etc. (Ben)