Usability Test for Splitit (Recently, BillShare)

Usability Test Plan


You are at the initial page for Splitit, an application designed to allow you to easily share bills among friends and colleagues. Remember that you are not being tested, it is the interface that we are testing. Feel free to comment on the application features, design, etc. at any time during the tasks.

Task 1
Use the quick split functionality to share the following bill among yourself and 3 roommates (Michael, Josh, Vincent).
You paid $1260 for April Rent.
When you feel you have completed the task, please say so.

Task 2
Use the quick split functionality to share the following bills among yourself and 3 friends (Mike, Danny, Amy).
You paid $40 for tickets to see Sucker Punch.
Amy paid $60 for dinner and drinks prior to the show.
When you feel you have completed the task, please say so.

Task 3
Register for an account. You may use fictional information if you’d prefer.
When you feel you have completed the task, please say so.

Task 4
Log in to the account which you registered.
When you feel you have completed the task, please say so.

Task 5
Determine if you have any upcoming bills due.
When you feel you have completed the task, please say so.

Task 6
Create a group titled, “BFFs” for your best friends (Danny, Brad, Mike, and Amy) to use to share bills.
When you feel you have completed the task, please say so.

Task 7
Post a bill that you paid on April 19, 2011 for Groceries in the amount of $120.61 that you will split between Danny and Mike from your BFF group.
When you feel you have completed the task, please say so.

Pre-test and Post-test


Usability Test Results


Task 2
Task 5
Task 7


1. A 24 year old male living with one roommate that shares bills at least 1-2 times per month. Currently uses pen/paper method for bill splitting.

The user said he really liked the "minty" color scheme of the site. Was immediately confused by the first task, because he thought the "quicksplit" button was a logo.
During the first task, he didn't realize that he should put his name in addition to his friends names that split the bill, so this effected the calculation. Also commented that
there should be a message of success after registration of an account, and was surprised that passwords were in plain text. This user also said that when he posted a bill it didn't update the total owed on the homepage. Overall the user said he liked the application and would use it once all of the kinks were worked out.

2. A 23 year old male living at home that rarely shares bills. Currently relies on friends to split bills.

This user was confused about the "contribution" title on the quick split page. He was able to figure out what to do, and then understood for the second task, but thought the feature was not intuitive for a new user. The user was able to create a group and add a bill for that group without too many problems, but was confused about whether he should include his own name in the page for adding a group. Overall, the user liked the application, and said he would be interested using the finished version.

3. A 23 year old female living with one roommate that shares bills often. Currently using pen/paper methods and excel spreadsheets for bill splitting.

This user was able to perform most of the tasks with ease and seemed to find the quicksplit functionality particularly useful. During the 1st task, this user pointed out
that the password should be in a password font for security, and the form should check whether the correct password was typed in the confirm box. During task 7, the user commented about liking being able to choose a group to split the bill with, but would like to be able to just choose particular members of the group to split amongst as well. Also, the user commented that although the bills are split equally a lot of the time, it would be nice to set percentages or particular amounts for splitting bills such as rent and utilities.

4. 23 year old male living with 1 roommate. Currently uses pen/paper methods.

The user enjoyed the simplicity of the site. He found Quick Split to be a little confusing, as the wording "Contribution" was puzzling, and there was no help functionality that gave basic instructions or tips on what to do. The user mentioned that some pages looked a little funny as compared to other pages (namely the registration and add a group pages). The user felt that the registration page in particular should be improved upon to include images or descriptions of the site in addition to the plain text/input fields. The user liked the add a bill page, and how simple it was to add a group to the bill for it to be split. User commented that it would be nice to just add individuals to bills rather than whole groups. The user mentioned that the results page of both the add a bill and create group pages were too plain as compared to how the rest of the site looks.

5. A 22 year old male living off campus that shares bills with 3 roomates at least once a month. Currently uses word of mouth to split bills

The user initially commented that he really enjoyed the simple layout of the site. He was very impressed with how easy it was to find functions on the login screen though he did say the color scheme made the buttons hard to see. He began to have trouble initially with the first task, being unable to understand the description as well as the where he was supposed to input his information into the form under Quicksplit. He commented on a lack of instruction on the “Quick Split” screen. It took him a large amount of time to understand that the title “Contribution” means that you only input the amount that each participant paid and if they didn’t pay anything he should simply put a 0 or leave it blank. He said that it was unclear whether the actual amounts should be placed or percentages or even if he was supposed to split the bill himself. The homescreen he said was also very aesthetically pleasing though again he commented that the green on green screen made the buttons visibility difficult. The group related tasks went very well and he didn’t seem to be slowed up by any of the instructions of the interface itself. He liked the idea of simply being able to choose pre-determined groups for bill splitting. He did run into a bit of confusion with our prototype due to the lack of feedback from button selection. He wasn’t quite sure when he had completed a few of the tasks. Overall however aside from a few aesthetics he was very pleased with the prototype and in his feedback with me afterwards announced that he would certainly want to use the application given that there was a bit more direction on the site itself.

6. A 22 year old male sharing a house with 2 roomates. They currently split bill using a pencil and paper.

At the beginning of the test, the user commented on the smoothness and aesthetic look and feel of the interface. He thought the green was warm and appealing. He thought on the index page, the username and password should be a little further to the left. He liked the quicksplit feature, but commented on the lack of a return button. He enjoyed the home page layout. After a while, i noticed he clicked twice on the reminder and overview and when I asked him why, he told me it would be nice if the notifications listed underneath could take the user back to the bills that explained the amount posted. In the Create-Group page, he asked me if we thought of allowing the user to choose a customize avatar that represent them. All the other tasks went fairly well with no confusion. He said that the interface was really great and the transitions were intuitive. He also said it would be nice if we had a tutorial on the index page to let people know what the website does and how to do it. He really enjoyed using the application and said he would definitely use it if he were to share bills with his roommates again.

Post-test Results

Average user agreement with each statement (where 1 is strongly disagree and 7 is strongly agree):

The overall site is attractive: 5.8
I can get to information quickly: 5.75
The site is well suited to first-time users: 3.8
The site is well suited to repeat users: 5.6
The quicksplit functionality is a userful feature: 5.8
Once logged in, the homepage has all of the functionality I would expect: 5.2


Key Comments

"The interface is really great and the transitions are intuitive."
"Would be nice to have a tutorial on the initial page"
"Overall, I like the application and will use it once the kinks are worked out!"
"I like the minty color scheme!"

Identified Problems

- "Contribution" in the quick split page is confusing (5)
- need a tutorial/help menu/help when hovered over certain forms (4)
- lack of feedback for certain features (5)
- should be able to add individuals to a bill instead of groups (3)
- password text for the registration form (4)
- bills tab not working (4)
- would like to be able to click on notifications and totals to see more detailed information (2)