Bryan Rusk

HTML/CSS Homework

Original Website

Revised Website

I thought that the original CS website was pretty functional as it was and only being able to edit the CSS really limited my options and imagination. Basically I decided to change a lot of the colors and the scales of the different headers. As you can probably tell by my revision, I chose to change some of the text color to white on a black background. I was hoping that it would make it more visible than having it on the gradients, especially where the black text was on that awful gray gradient. I also used the same approach to change the headers on each of the articles. I thought the original website didn't distinguish the titles and subtitles enough so I went ahead and did that.

Some of the objects on the original site felt too small to be able to correctly see. I increased the size of the top navigation bar for this reason. I also changed the lighter background to a darker background for the same reason. I thought it would be easier to distinguish the white text on the navigation bar for people that might not be able to see it clearly.

I made the side bar a drop down menu because usually when I visit the CS website I'm only interested in a couple links and I'd rather ignore the rest. This goes the same for the right inset with the events, accomplishments, etc. I reduced the size of this portion of the site to reduce visual traffic. The color change and the drop-down menu were more for visuals rather than accessibility, but I think they can help both.