Study Network Project Commentary

by Bryan Rusk

The Study Network was designed to address an important problem to many students and it provides a lot of solutions for their original goals. The main goal of the website was to avoid clutter that many other competitive websites contain, such as; however, their trade-off was that they only catered to University of Maryland classes. This isn't really indicated on any of the web pages, which could be a problem for outside users.

The fact that the initial design for the Study Network nearly mirrors the final product shows that the team knew exactly the way they wanted everything to look and stuck to it. Many of the other groups who added too many components to their initial design ended up cutting out whole pieces of their project, rather than just limiting functionality. Even better, was the fact that the only parts that showed a lot of change were the issues that were discovered during the usability testing.

Each of the pages fit the theme of the website and has a simple scheme, which is not a bad thing. Some parts of the site definitely seemed more developed than others. The resources page was very well planned out, where as the forum page looked like it had much less importance in the design process. This is understandable given the limited time span.

The presentation seemed to go very well and the demo was done without error. The only problem that the presentation had was that there wasn't a clear representation of the results of the testing. The graph that was displayed was a bit confusing and could have displayed the data a bit more clearly, but overall the presentation and the final product fit well together.