BuzzUMD Website Critique

by Kathryn Mackey

After viewing the BuzzUMD presentation and website demo, I was very impressed with the overall design and layout of the website. The design of the website is extremely advanced, and immediately catches the user’s eye. It has the look and feel of a true social networking site, and I think because of the catchy home page, users are more likely to remember the website and come back to use it time after time.

For the functionality, this website seems to have all of the basic aspects of a social networking site aimed at events. There is a spot for a user to sign up to get alerts about the events, which is extremely helpful since students can use the website through their other social networking accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. This will also allow for more promotion of the website, as students might hear about BuzzUMD through another user’s Facebook or Twitter page. Also, the rating system for each event’s popularity is extremely well thought out and in my opinion, one of the best features. Being able to clearly see how many people are “buzzing” about a certain event help the user to decide which events he wants to attend or not.

One aspect that I think the website is missing is more information about entry into events. On campus, some events could be limited to certain groups, fraternities, sororities, ages, etc. I think a very helpful piece of data would be entry information such as price, ages invited, or any special groups it is limited to.