CH Albach

I think that this site addresses a fairly prevalent issue. I really liked the style and color scheme of the site, especially how it was kept consistent throughout. I thought that the 'help' button was well placed and useful. Having some limited usability available without account creation (QuickSplit) was a very good idea. Overall the site seems well designed.
Room for Improvement The most obvious issue with the site is that a lot of the features which appear to be offered on the surface seem to be not working or just unimplemented (login, settings, leave group, group creation, setting pictures for groups / people). It seems that there may even just be one shared account for all users (I have all of my data filled out already when I log in, the same across all accounts). Some more time spent on these features in bringing it beyond the prototype stage would have gone a long way in terms of site usability. While I thought the QuickSplit feature was good, I didn't like that it required 4 people by scaling to 4 if you included fewer than 4 people. Lastly, it wasn't immediately clear to me what the site was supposed to be used for. While the help button was useful in explaining, I think that including some explanatory text on the initial homepage would have been a huge improvement.