CH Albach



My redesign focused on the visuals of the site. In my opinion, the CS departmental website should be far more similar to the UMD home page in look and feel. The main thing that I changed was the background. This is the same type of background used on the UMD homepage (although slightly botched). Furthermore, I focused on removing some of the cumbersome elements of the site (the Main Menu label and the UMD graphic at the bottom), as well as making other parts more readable. In terms of readability I centered the text in the main menu as well as the titles in the 'News' section.

I would have very much liked to adjust the navigation bar to be more similar to the UMD homepage, but the required javascript is beyond the scope of this project. Also, there seem to be a lot of wasteful links on this page. If I had access to some knowledge of which ones are actually used, and which could be moved elsewhere, I would have liked to clean that up.

Lastly, there seems to be several content issues. This is not directly a UI problem, except that there exists this big 'News' section on the page which is largely unpopulated. I'm not sure if this is normally more useful, but perhaps some other content could be used in its stead. Furthermore, the 'Jobs postings' section is unlabeled, it took me along time to figure out what it was. Also, dates could be useful for these postings.