Critique of Roommate Finder Application:

The problem that the “Roommate Finder” application wishes to solve is definitely an issue to which many recent college graduates and young professionals can relate. I like how in the problem statement they included the fact that in addition to attempting to be economical, having a roommate allows many people to address the desire for social companionship. Overall, the problem statement is well constructed; I feel that another issue that they could have stated in the problem statement is that people may have current roommates that they do not get along with, and this Roommate Finder application could allow individuals to find new roommates in order to enhance their living situation. This aspect of the application would be appealing to individuals that are nearing the end of their apartment lease.

The usability study was well conducted, and the tasks that the subjects were asked to complete were appropriate; they seemed to correspond to the purpose and main functions of the Roommate Finder application. As an improvement, there could have been a brief statement in the pre-test reminding the subjects that their abilities are not being tested, but rather, they are testing the behavior and functionality of the application. Moreover, I feel that for more clarity, there should be labels in the Likert scale. In addition, the usability study would have been more effective if there was more subjects, and a greater variation in the demographics of the subjects. For instance, all the users are college students, but the application’s target group is recent graduates and young professionals between the ages of 21 and 35.

Finally, I thought the final project had a wonderful layout, and was very easy to use. My only concern is that when looking for a match, although one can search by gender, sexual preference may be a concern to users as well.

*I apologize for posting this so late. I completely forgot about this assignment!