Critique -- CleanDiv

by Ederlyn Lacson

I chose to critique the CleanDiv Project because I live in a group home, and cleaning is a huge hassle. Standard "fridge schedules" don't work, housemates all keep different hours, some housemates abuse the "choose your work" format, and some people are touchy about owning up to their work and being reminded of it in a non-judgmental way. So for me, CleanDiv seems like an interesting solution -- we could have proof that people chose their jobs and completed their jobs.

visually, I enjoyed the clean layout and color scheme, which made me focus on doing the tasks at hand and not being distracted. Additionally CleanDiv's slight homage to Google's layout for signins and calendar display really helped me to get to speed on using the site. I thought that having a "week" default view was a good choice in not letting people be overwhelmed with information, and I had an easy time creating and assigning tasks.

I did notice some areas for improvement. First, creating the group and inviting people was easy, however the "moving right along.." text in creating a group confused me momentarily into thinking that I was still waiting for the group creation to finish. Also, I noticed that tasks could not be due today, but the error alert that Clean Div gave was a generic date format alert. Additionally, I think that CleanDiv should also consider adding a feature that shows that a person has seen/acknowledged their chore. I have housemates who are always on the computer, but are remarkably wily about acknowledging that they saw that they were assigned to a chore!

All in all, I thought that the CleanDiv project established good scope and performed well within that scope. Personally, I would love to introduce this to my messy house.