BuzzUMD - Critique

Alison Smith

The BuzzUMD website has a great overall design. The homepage is eye catching and it's great that the logo has a UMD look and feel. (I could see this site spreading to other colleges, i.e. BuzzVT, with a corresponding logo - just an Idea). Integration with google maps as well as the calendar is a very useful feature. If the site were to get more popular, the number of events may start to clutter these features, so would be nice to have a "user-specific" calendar/map that only shows the events the user has shown interest in. Also, it might be a good idea to limit the user to be able to only "buzz up" or "buzz down" one time, in order to keep people from over-representing their event. Finally, as far as browsing, it would definitely be useful to have different methods for sorting (date, "featured", buzz ratings - high or low, etc.) and possibly more information for when the site grows and begins to contain more and more events.

Overall, I think this project has a great look and a great idea behind it, and when it's fully implemented (beyond beta), could become very popular for planning and finding events around campus.