StudySpot Critique by Zoha Tafaghodi

StudySpot has the potential to be a useful website for students, although this point should be recognized. In the overall use of the application, if a user creates a group or course, how can one recognize this is site aimed for University of Maryland classes? I liked the initial page layout, including the large font and big buttons for the user to recognize what they need to do as soon as they access the site. I also like the description of your site on the front page, explaining what your site does in very short and concise words or statements to allow a user to decide whether or not the application will be useful to their goal.

One of the main things I noticed from your site is the fact that it has no structural flow to the pages. I was confused on where to get started and how to use all the capabilities listed on the front page. After signing up, the user is redirected to the “Dashboard” where “Welcome to StudySpot” is written twice and one of the statements uses it with “studyspot” and another as “StudySpot.” It is good to be consistent in your site name. I did not understand the use of the dashboard page, I assumed after I signed up for a course, the dashboard would list all the courses or groups I was part of for easier access.The text written on the dashboard specifying how to get started would be more effective if written in bullet points and in a different location. Text along the bottom of a page can be missed or disregarded. Creating a new page aimed for the user to explore different possibilities with the application including a video tutorial or short points on how to get started and accomplish different tasks could be more useful.