UMD Tutor Website Critique

by Uyen-Truc Nguyen

What I Liked

I was really impressed by the professional-looking appearance of the website, and I was even more impressed because Sarah accomplished everything all on her own.

The color scheme is simple, clean, and usable. The interface is so polished and professional which is enhanced by good choice of colors and fonts. The image on the home page makes the site look really professional and the site logo is professional and clean, yet it relates to students because of the handwriting-like font. The FAQ and About sections are really helpful. The home page looks pleasant and welcoming to the user.

On the account page, I really like how I can select multiple subjects at the same time and they immediately appear in the box on the right. The subjects that are selected become highlighted which provides great feedback. There is also good feedback when I register for an account, log in, log out, update my profile, or submit a review. It's good that I can rate a tutor and submit a review anonymously. It's good feedback that the total number of search results is displayed.

What To Improve

I don't like the alignment of the labels on the create account page because it looks uneven. I think it would look better if the labels were left aligned rather than right aligned. Also, it would be better if after creating an account, the site automatically logs me in.

On the account page, I would prefer if the two selection areas under "Subjects that you teach:" were aligned on the same line. The input line for the phone number doesn't have a preferred input format for the phone number and there's no error handling for invalid phone numbers such as a number that's too long. There is no error message when a user logs in with an invalid password or username, yet. Apparently, logged in users can rate and submit reviews for themselves, so that should be disallowed to avoid tutors giving themselves good reviews. It would be helpful to have a back button from every tutor profile page to navigate back to your search results.