Recreating & Modifying CS Home Page by Do-Geun Kim

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Even though I have a tremendous respect for our department (and for the creator of our website) I cannot help but claim that our main page needs a dramatic change - a change that is needed not only to maximize the overall usability, but to satisfy the constantly overlooked demand of finding identity. Our department is part of the University Maryland system and our University has a distinctive and powerful identity that separates us from other school. The University's main website clearly shows what the identity is - a red and black background with centered, bright content, possibly with some yellow. This use of strong background and color schemes promotes unity within the college while advertising the University to the outsiders. Particularly for the perspective faculty & students, such a display of exclusiveness can be the deciding factor when joining the Terps.

The Usability, especially the readability, would increase when the our department uses the similar set of web-scheme as the University. Since most of other departments have utilized the university's web-identity, the learning time for a first-time cs-website visitor is likely to be less due to previous experience. Also, since the centered contents helps the user to focus on smaller portion of the page at initial view, the design shortens the time taken to find a desired information overall. The space around the centered content also help the readability by promoting top-to-bottom reading rather than left-to-right reading. Darker background also helps the readability. While I was not able to utilizes the darker background in my modified cs-website (it was harder than expected), due to contrasting color the content would appear more cleaner.