CleanDiv Competitors Annotations

1. Let's CleanUp.
  • Let's-clean-up is household cleaning scheduler software that has checklist, scheduling, and reminder features to helps the user to organize and manage chores. This program is especially relevant for our project since it provides perspectives on scheduling and reminder interface which will be the main features of CleanDiv. One thing to note is that the program is integrated by MS office technologies.


2. Chorebuster.
  • Chorebuster is yet another household cleaning scheduler that helps users to organize and manage chores. The difference is that the program is designed to support dorm-like environments where people are less familiar with each other compare to a family household. The program supports automated scheduling that divides chores based on how hard it is, and how often it should be done. Automatic email reminders can be sent out in a chosen frequency. This program is also very relevant to our project since it has similar user space and requirements.


3. Chorepad.
  • Chorepad is ipad application that is design to motivate kids to do their everyday chores. This is essentially the ipad version of chore chart, except that it support many feature that is difficult to be implemented in traditional calendar charts. Chorepad can add any number of users and it comes with interactive reward and bookkeeping features that is also transferable to iphone. This program is also relevant (even though, it has younger user space than CleanDiv) since it graphically tackles one of CleanDiv's feature of reward and motivation system.


4. Liquid Planner.
  • Liquid planner is project management software that aid user work more efficiently while working on multiple projects. It provides best and worst case estimates of the project's time-line so the user has better understanding of overall progress. This program offers valuable insights on multiple scheduling which is also a integral part of CleanDiv.


5. Google, MS Outlook, Yahoo calendar.

google calendar