KAYAK.com - The Traveler’s First Stop

KAYAK sets itself apart from other travel-plan websites that it actually finds the best deals for you – from the top listings of the other dealers. Unlike the traditional travel related search engines such as Orbitz or Travelocity, KAKAY comprehensively searches all the existing deals to find the best possible value on the web. This system of 'the best of the best' definitely has its merits and enormously contributes to the website’s overall success. However, like any other web based applications, the design and the usability of the site’s interface may be the determining factor between a one-time visitor, and a regular customer. Here are the ins and outs of KAYAK’s interface:



The layout looks surprisingly simple compare to the searching power that KAYAK provides. The three-column contents pane with a long, orange-black banner feels somewhat like a science project where the functionality is focused much heavier than the overall promotion of the company. This direct display of the project’s main application does allow the end-users to ‘get down to business.’ However, since a website is a virtual representation of the company itself, KAYAK’s function-driven design may leave some users unwelcomed. Although the title banner alleviates the bareness to some extent, the overall design does arouse a feeling of walking into a shop without a front door staff.

Application Design


Overall Usability