Do-Geun Kim

Interface I liked : Picasa Editing Toolbara
aaDescription: Image editing toolbar of Picasa (by Google)

aaWhy I liked it:
aaPicasa's editing toolbar was especially easy to use because the controls
aaand the functions were naturally linked with a clear, descriptive image along
aawith the control's label. The number of controls present were just enough
aaand grouped in a way that it intuitively helped me to easily find and executed
aathe desired function. The feedback after an execution was instantaneous,
aaand correctly matched the resulting image.

Interface I disliked : Photoshop Editing Toolbar

Description: Image editing toolbar of Photoshop (by Adobe) a
Why I disliked it:
a Perhaps it was not the interface that made Photoshop such a difficult program to use - perhaps it was my tendency to 'jump' onto things that resulted the tormenting,first-time experience. Nevertheless, just because I couldn't do what I wanted to do without reading a think, daunting manual, I'd say the interface could use some improvements. aFor example,a aThere are just too many controls present in a small, confined space.ababIt might be helpful if the toolbar could shrink to a some sort of simplified abab(basic) mode for non-professionals.a aThe only connection between a control and a function is a company-definedababimage. Although it is somewhat descriptive, since there are several functions ababmapped to a single control, it is still ambiguous. A one-to-one mapping may ababbe more helpful to the users.