Critique by Do-Geun Kim

I really like your website’s initial layout – I feel login and registration button is where it supposed to be and the logo well represents what the website does and who it is for. I also like the tutorial video with a clean, audible voice. Registration page seems to serve the general purpose of gathering user information with a visible, example driven instructions. I felt very relaxed to see that different variations of my resumes (conceptually) are readily created with minimal information. And I also was relieved to see that I can create number of instances of my resume with different base information – I could simply make different resumes for each of the companies that I’m applying for. Editing user information is very nice to have since the changed information will automatically be reflected on my resumes.

These are two minor points that I think you might want to look into when deploying the next version. Perhaps variation in color tone may make the website livelier. Even though the chosen color theme suits the implied nature of the website, the general lack of brightness on the top pane (logo_containter) actually reduces the readability of the (white) logo itself (not sure whether it’s the contrast or brightness…). Perhaps a little darker background on the logo may do the trick. What happens after registration is another thing I noticed. I feel having to log back in after registration is a little extra work that can be avoid. Overall, I learned a lot from your website so job well done!