Fear the Tutor: Proposal

A site for Maryland students to find and rate tutors, as well as schedule tutoring sessions.

Team Members:

Problem our website will solve:

Recently, many websites have emerged that provide resources for students to post opinions on professors and classes at the University of Maryland, such as RateMyProfessor and OurUmd. However, this tactic does not exist yet for tutoring services. In many buildings throughout campus, there are frequently fliers posted all over the walls and bulletin boards, advertising tutors for various subjects. These fliers simply provide a phone number and name, so the student has to decide whether or not to use the tutor without any recommendations or reviews at all. A website providing reviews and recommendations for tutors would allow University of Maryland students to choose the perfect tutor for their needs. Additionally, the website would be promotional for tutors, who could post their own resumes and search for work.

The website will also include a scheduling component, where each tutor can post what times they are available and students can schedule appointments, either individual or group. The prices for tutoring will be posted on the website, and can be variable depending on how many students sign up for the tutoring session. Students will be able to search for tutors based on their name, rating, or content area.

Target Users:

The target users for this website would be the students of University of Maryland. They can use the website to rate various tutors, as well as search for new tutors for themselves. Additionally, part of the target audience is also the tutors, who can post their resumes. The tutors can include private tutors, as well as group tutors sponsored by the university, such as the Math Success tutors.

Nice. Your problem statement is good, but don't commit yourself yet to the solution. Even though you have ideas, that will come through further brainstorming and talking to users. You might want to consider music lessons and think about what other help-each-other activities might full under the umbrella of tutoring. (Ben)