Fear the Tutor Critique

Michael Whidby

What I liked

I'm very impressed by the simplicity of the site. A student looking for a tutor can use the site without having to register for an account, and can quickly get to a page where they can view lists of tutors. The user can search for tutors and browse tutors all without having to sign in and register - I cannot stress how great that is as a user. It's also quick and easy for a tutor to get their tutor page up and running - they're basically done after creating their account. I think that's really helpful for tutors, as I'm not sure how much effort they have to put in to make themselves available to students. Fear the Tutor allows a tutor to be up and running in less than a couple of minutes (maybe this is something you could advertise on the site).

Areas for improvement

  • Better error pages: Right now the error pages are the Rails default "We're sorry, but something went wrong. We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it shortly."
  • Help/Tutorial location: Currently, the tutorial is located under the "About Fear the Tutor" page. I think it would be better to create another post-it note link that reads "Help" or "Tutorial", so it's easier for a user to find.
  • Styling: I think you should add some padding in the main content of the pages, because they are currently placed right at the edge of the white border. For example, on the "Search for a Tutor" page, the search box and descriptive text is right up on the left border. It would look better aesthetically if there was some padding to space out the elements.
  • Logo as link: One "standard" thing most sites do is make their logo a link back to the home page, even though there may be a "Home" link on the navigation menus. I think it would be helpful to do this as well.