Fear the Tutor Critique
By Rafael_Telahun

With regards to the final prototype, from a usability standpoint I think that the simplicity of Fear the Tutor's design makes it quite appealing. The idea of having sticky notes represent navigation items seems novel and interesting, and also attracts attention, but at the same is clean. I think that there remains several aspects of the site's design that obviously are still being built out, but if I could offer constructive critiques on what is working now, I would really focus on creating a better search function. As it stands stands, when a user clicks on search for tutors, they are sent to a generic Rails search page, which I think really needs to be worked on since it will be the crux of your program. But then again, you guys will probably have more time over the summer to build this out as well.

With regards to the the Design analysis that you guys did, I think it has several appealing factors. First, organizing the site around sticky notes, like I said earlier, is really novel and makes for a clean yet attention grabbing design. I like the way you guys drew up how a user would enter a query, find a tutor and then rate the tutor. Its a clean and user-friendly setup. Moreover, I think you guys were smart to separate the content from the functionality within the tutor view. Specifically, putting the "contact this tutor" information at the bottom while having the information about the user at the top really helps encapsulate content on the view. Overall, I think you guys have a good base to start creating the design for what could be a useful application.