The gaming website that brings you true reviews from the only gaming experts you know you can trust: yourselves.
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This project is dedicated to creating a gaming website that can allow gamers to share their opinions on which new games are hot and which are not. The purpose of the site is to provide a framework by which individual gamers can write their own reviews about the latest video games and publish them to the community. Modern gaming websites are often beholden to publishers and advertisers, giving them incentive to write more positively about the companies that are making them money. Our project addresses this by bringing the reviewing power directly to the gamers themselves. The only quality control comes from other gamers who frequent the site and vote on which reviews are accurate, which are not, and which are just blatant spam. Reviewers who consistently receive high votes are given rankings that reflect their status in the community and the quality of their writing. The website would be organized so that a user can search by platform, genre, date of release, and/or rating, and have a means by which to submit their own reviews for games and give ratings based on set criteria like graphics, sound, and gameplay. To allow individuals to find the most relevant reviews, the system should categorize reviewers by individual context, such as platforms owned, favored genres, and system specifications.

Target Audience

Our website is targeted towards both devout gamers, who stop at nothing to explore every piece of ground in every video game, as well as the more casual players who like games as a form of social diversion and look to get hours rather than weeks out of their entertainment. The former are more likely to be teens and young adults aged eighteen to thirty, predominantly male, who are at least somewhat technically savvy and have experience with websites and online communities. The latter are more likely to be either younger teens around twelve to seventeen or married adults and parents over thirty. These are less likely to be familiar with web communities and computers in general. We will likely focus more towards the devoted gamers, simply because they're more likely to be the ones most willing to take the time to play through new games and write reviews for them, but we will still try to dedicate content for a broad audience and make the site usable for all.

Looks like a good problem to solve. Is there really no competition in online game reviews? (Ben)