High-Fidelity Prototype for Truth'n'Reviews

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Website Prototype:


What We've Done So Far:

By now, we have a working website design, as well as a usable site for the purpose of testing usability and getting user feedback on the interface itself. The following aspects of the website are currently active:

  • We have the design of the main page established, including links to the most interesting information and most important locations, in order to get feedback on whether the page is relevant to most users' interests and whether a different main page design (such as one with more graphics or less links) is warranted.
  • We have user registration and login set up along with a database to store the information so that we can test whether users can navigate the site in order to create accounts and log in to their personal centers.
  • We have the design of the user account page coded so that we can ask users whether or not the features and links presented there are sufficient for their usual tasks or whether it's missing any obvious links or tools that users would like to see.
  • And, most importantly, we have the review submission page completed, which allows us to test how easily a user can find and navigate to this page, as well as how usable it is for a user to write a review here. Since the site is driven by user-made reviews, it is very important that the interface caters to those needs and makes this process easy and painless for them to do so.

With these elements of the site functional, we plan on running usability tests in order to discern how easy it is to create an account, to log into the user page, and to write a review.

What Remains to be Done:

There are some nonfunctional pages on the site that are presented as links right now but cannot truly be accessed yet. Some of these, such as the pages for individual reviews, are unnecessary to implement on the prototype, and are also incredibly difficult to do due to the amount of ancillary content involved. Other pages, such as those for browsing different genres of games, will be implemented for the final submission, but are currently inactive because they involve a secondary function of the site and are not essential to usability testing quite yet. The list of inactive elements are as follows:

  • Individual reviews, as presented on the main page
  • Individual games, as presented on the main page
  • Search and advanced search
  • Lost and forgotten passwords
  • Browse reviews
  • Browse games
  • Forums
  • Private mail, friends, and settings in user dashboard

In addition, there are still numerous questions we wish to have answered about the design of the site, some of which the usability tests should be able to solve. These questions are as follows:

  • Is the current method of navigating to the review submission page too difficult, or should there be a link in a more prominent place, such as the top menu bar or the main page?
  • Is a sidebar necessary to the navigation of the page, or would that just clutter up the interface with no real gain?
  • Is the main page of the site too stark and simple for a gaming-related website, or would splashy graphics just make the site less usable?
  • What other types of tools are users interested in when submitting a review that they don't currently have access to?

We will be adding and changing elements of the site as we answer these questions and learn more about what our users want.