Witchblade Sculpture
Witchblade Sculpture

  • Above: Witchblade (redesign)
  • Center: Moss (original design)
  • Right: Mammoth (redesign)

Moss Sculpture
Moss Sculpture

Mammoth Sculpture
Mammoth Sculpture

Okay, so that's me, Greg. Greetings, fellow Earthlings...

I'm not alien, I'm just Russian by origin, although sometimes it's hard even for me to tell. Below's my quick profile:

  • Born: 09/29/1987
    • Location: Moscow
    • To: Olga (m.n. Kolesnichenko) and Alexander Kramida
  • Died: I didn't fill this part in yet, stay put for updates
  • Nationality: none that I know of
  • Citizenship: USA
  • Webpage: 404
  • Facebook/Twitter: also 404
  • Email: gregory.kramida (at) comcast.net
  • Permanent Residence: Gaithersburg, MD
  • Current Residence: College Park, MD
  • Interests:
    • Work
    • CG, esp. 3D, both code and content development & design
    • Sculpture
    • Computer Vision and AI
    • Chess
    • Physics
    • Hiking
    • Biking
    • Guitar
    • Cross-country skiing
    • Back to work

Hall of Fame / Shame Presentation

(1,090,249B - 600dpi)

Below is an interface that I helped develop. The google-maps interactive part is decent, or at least I think I made it decent, everything else I was not given the flexibility to change:
Ocean City Traffic Monitoring System

The design is jumbled, overly flashy, with an overabundance of graphics, colors, and fonts. The information hierarchy is not clear at all, despite the layout being very conventional and hackneyed.

Here is an interface that I love and use every day: Google Chrome

Like the original Google page that so many of us at one time made our homepage, it is simple, clear, and functional. It is made for extensive use where performance and accessibility are both a concern, and although it doesn't come packed with nice handy features that constantly prompt for updates, the plugins for it cover any purpose of everyday life should one choose to install them. Moreover, this interface allows for the new icons specific to the person's needs and chosen by her/him to be placed in a handy, yet unobtrusive location at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Although nice development tools are available, they don't obscure every-day browsing, and can be opened via the menu or via keyboard shortcuts, just like the bookmarks, history, and other common browser panels.

The only useful feature Google Chrome lacks is the column-type bookmark layout for users who do a lot of browsing and heavily rely on quick bookmark access in their work, although I wouldn't be surprised if someone already made a plugin that does exactly that.

Images are given below.
external image octrafficmonitoringsyst.jpg
external image chromeinterface.jpg