HTML & CSS Assignment.

Clone of the original website:Clone

My own design of the website: Fixed

The two main problems I have with the original design of the CS website are the clustered aspect of the home page, and the difficulty I encounter when I try to access the site with a mobile device such as my iphone.
In my new design, I removed all the right section because it just takes so much space, and I think there is too much information on a single page. In addition, I find that event and news recap box very distracting and, a first time user will waste a few seconds searching for all the relevant information he is most likely to be looking for by coming to the website. Moreover, in the body section, I reduced the articles summaries to one sentence each, with a link to the full article. This gives the website plenty of space and alleviates the clustered impression I get every time I go to the CS website.
In order to make the website more accessible for mobile devices, I incremented the font, which is always a big issue on tiny screens. Furthermore, I increased the width of the left table to take advantage of the white space I gained by removing the right table, and also to balance the overall aspect. I also centered the top banner and expanded the top menu, both in width and length, as well as the size of the menu items.
Finally, to give a better visual experience, I changed the font to, arguably, a smoother one that makes the overall result an intuitive, simple and easy to use interface.