You must analyze an existing software interface (e.g., web site, application, mobile) according to the heuristics we have discussed in class (starting with Norman). You must point out positive and negative characteristics of the interface. Focus on a specific feature or area of a product - do not try to cover everything in a complex site.

NEW (2/6/11): You may not do a HOF/S presentation on a website that was described in any of the Critique homeworks (since those sites have already been fairly well analyzed).

  • Prepare a PDF, Powerpoint or Keynote presentation of one, two or three pages.
  • Upload and link to your presentation on the class home page before class starts.
  • Make a 4 minute presentation
  • You can show the live website using the instructor's computer only if there is some visual interaction not easily captured in images
  • Be prepared to answer a few questions from the instructor and other students

Each class will have two students assigned to work together to make a HOF/S presentation. If you can not make your day, you can swap with another pair of students that have not gone yet.

You will be graded according to the following rubric:
  • 4 points: Clarity of presentation
  • 4 points: Thoughtfulness of analysis
  • 2 points: Staying on time