Reasons for Revision:

In my revised page I placed a lot of emphasis on making the page look less crowded. The CS homepage jams a lot of small text into three tightly connected areas. While these areas seem to focus on a different types of information, the current page design makes distinguishing them from each other very difficult. The various and multi-colored horizontal rules and borders that run throughout the page only make matters worse. Instead of efficiently separating information into groups, they just create an incoherent collection of lines. The main thing the CS homepage lacks is whitespace in between these different areas. In my revised page I put whitespace between the three different areas, which I included in three separate boxes, to emphasize that they focus on different types of information. Since a lot of the text on the homepage is small and cramped into various boxes, I endeavored to make everything bigger in my revision and give the text more room to spread out across the page. Enlarging the text also enhances usability for people who would not be able to readily see the small text on the CS homepage.

While the left navigation bar and the right block on the CS homepage are very similar in terms of color scheme and layout, the bulk of the information presented in the body text appears much different. In short, the CS homepage lacks consistency in its design. For example, while the designers use a red background and white text for the title bars within the left navigation bar and the right block, the middle text fails to adhere to this theme and does not create enough contrast between headings and body text. The middle text also wraps freely around the other box shaped elements on the homepage. So to create some consistency, I placed the body text within a similar square layout. Ultimately, by using whitespace to group related information by demonstrating design consistency, I believe my revision appears simpler and cleaner.