A Critique of Alaskacruises.com
Alaskacruises.com is a site that I find to be generally useful and well laid out, but it definitely has its issues as well.
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The Cruise Search tool is prominently displayed on the home page and on the “Cruise Lines” and “About Alaska” pages, the three pages that cannot be used to directly start booking a trip. Aside from being well placed, the tool has an innovative design that, once you have selected a search criterion, limits the search criteria available to the two nearest options. Although this is a little disconcerting at first, as this is not standard behavior for tools like this, once you are accustomed to it you realize that it can help if you are someone with an unsteady hand that is likely to accidentally click the option that is one-step too high or too low.

On a final note, the 1-800 number listed for being able to call an “Alaska specialist” is well placed and large enough that most people should be able to read it easily. This is also true of the availability times of the phone service. The only problem I see here is that they do not list a time zone so the user is left to speculate as to whether someone will be there to answer the call at 11:55 Eastern Standard Time or until 11:55 Pacific Standard Time.

Alaskacruises.com has a wealth of information both about the booking process and users intended destination. It is and is relatively easy to use, but is overly busy and could use some color use improvements.