Jesse Spears HTML/CSS assignment; due Monday, February 21, 2011.



The Department of Computer Science website is fairly straightforward, though cluttered. It follows a moderately predictable mapping; the only active parts of the site are the hyperlinks and the rollover menu. However, there is no visual indication that the top menu will expand; it has the same look as the menu on the left, which is static. I remedied this by removing the drop-down menu functionality of the top menu. I then adjusted the Events/Recent Accomplishments/In The News bar to own the space to the right of the main frame. Having it to the side needlessly clutters the website and interferes with readability. I also moved the top menu bar from the floating space above the page down to meet the corner of the left menu.

Overall, the site adheres to the principles of Affordance, Mapping, Consistency, Shortcuts, and Closure, though it suffers from having so much functionality that the visibility of the choices gets clouded. The site's use of a search bar is helpful, though the lack of an alphabetically-arranged Site Map has the potential to have some users spending large amounts of time looking for a particular item on the website.