Joe Chapline

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chapline at umd dot edu

Interface I like: The Sixty-One


The Sixty-One is a streaming music website that allows musicians, mostly whom are independent, to promote and sell their music. The layout features a background of a high-resolution photograph associated with the artist, basic information about the artist and arrows to skip songs. The user can choose from different genres of music to browse as well as search for specific songs or artists.

Reasons I like this interface:
  • The site has a simple layout design that is very easy to use and is aesthetically pleasing.
  • The user does not have to be logged in to browse music
  • The site gives a link to where the user can purchase or download the song.
  • There is not limit to how many songs the user can skip and there is no advertisements (unlike the free version of Pandora).

Interface I don't like: The self-checkout system at grocery stores

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Self-checkout systems allow shoppers to checkout from a grocery store without the assistance of a cashier. The costumer scans their items or manually selects items to weigh from a touch screen. The weight of the items are verified when they are either bagged or placed on the conveyer belt.

Reasons I dislike this interface:
  • The scale frequently fails to register the weight properly which halts the checkout process and forces the customer to wait for personnel assistance.
  • There is no 'undo' button the customer can press.
  • It is annoying to scroll through pages of items to manually select.