John Ingraham

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One interface I use often is Google's browser, Chrome:

-- Probably the best benefit of this layout is the integration of the search field into the url field
-- I also like the option to have all of my bookmarks laid out instead of hidden in a labyrinth of menus
-- The add-on extensions to the right (next to the wrench) are both useful and unobtrusive
-- The ability to apply your own theme is a nice touch as well
Overall, the interface is simple enough to encompass all of the main web browser functionality without ever having to enter a menu

Another that I use often but definitely don't like as much is Windows Explorer on Windows 7:
-- I do like the simplified interface and the "internet browser"-style layout
-- The multi-functionality of the file path bar is very helpful

-- There is a distinct lack of useful buttons under the file path bar (except the new folder button)
----- The "Go Up a Folder" button would definitely fit well there and the ability to move buttons out of the Organize header would be nice
-- The file paths are not always accurate - specifically here this is a complaint about Windows 7's libraries
-- The ordering of the sidebar is annoying
----- why not just have the "Favorites" simply docked at the top instead of beneath a space-consuming "Favorites" header
----- The libraries should be done similarly except that they should be shortcuts instead of whatever they currently are (I honestly do not know)
----- It should probably be noted here that the order cannot be changed around easily
-- Another side note which is perhaps irrelevant to the interface is that the search functionality is useless in almost all circumstances
Overall, the inability to customize this interface is perhaps its biggest weakness, although a few complaints about Windows 7 functionality undermine it as well