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Interface I like using: SBsettings on the iphone

Interface I Don't like using: Cydia on the iphone

SBsettings is great because it can be launched from almost any screen on the iphone (curse you cydia...). You can use this to control what applications are running on your phone all from one location and without leaving the current app your in. The main screen includes all your toggles, your ip (3g and or wifi) current memory usage and includes a quick way to respring, reboot, or turn off your phone. In addition to all that you can click on the "more" for more features such as hiding app icons, changing your toggles around, and a few display options for your status bar.

I don't like using cydia for a bunch of reasons one of which is as i said above you cannot launch SBsettings while using it, in case you wanted to do something like turn on your wifi for a large download. The front page is also filled with useless links, and products the developers are trying to sell me. Also for being one of the most used iPhone applications you would think it would support the multitasking feature, but everytime you minimize the app (like say you forgot to enable your wifi) you will need to spend a minute or two reloading the front page. If you want to browse apps and download more than one at a time there is a queue feature which is nice but if you decide you don't want something you added to the queue the only way to get it off is to erase the entire queue and start over. Finally it is just slow and often times unresponsive