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An Interface I enjoy using: Pandora
Pandora is incredibly simple to use. The main functionality is the radio station you are currently on, which is prominently displayed in the center of the page. Further, there is a redundant reminder of the station you are listening to "Inside Out Radio" highlighted, while also showing you the options for other stations. It is very obvious how the rating works for each song as well. You can give your approval by an obvious thumbs up or disproval with a thumbs down. Once pressed it fills in your selection with a check mark, reminding you what you picked. You also can simply press pause and skip to the next song using universally recognized symbols. Further, the ad to the side is relatively unobtrusive and doesn't distract from the main functionality. In addition to providing a great service I think Pandora allows for a simple to learn and use interface.


An Interface I do not like using: University of Maryland Email
I do not like using our email system because it is clunky, slow, and hard to search through your mail. The clunkiness is just apparently in the small/bad font, lack of iOS compatibility, and difficulty to navigate through your messages. There is only a difficult to use folder system that is unintuitive and requires a significant amount of work to use. Further, you cannot load more than 20 emails a page, so visually scanning through messages is a huge task, as is deleting large amounts of messages. There is also no autosave feature, and I have multiple times pressed the backspace button in the wrong space and the browser action of going back takes hold. Maryland mail doesn't cache so this immediately deletes my working draft, very frustrating! Also, the search is absolutely abysmal and inflexible, making it very difficult to find old email you need.