Joshua Leaverton


Email: leavertj AT gmail

Interface I like: Zune HD

The Zune HD interface is fantastically simple and smooth. Very easy access to all your main functions in a simple very clear menu as well as a
shortcut menu where you can easily pin shortcuts without over cluttering the main screen. I have been using a Zune HD for a while and I have to
say that the simplicity and clarity of the interface is definitely one of the reasons I continue to use it.

Interface I dislike: Mac dock bar

One of the main reasons I dislike Mac OS is because of this silly dock bar that they use instead of taskbars like Windows/Linux. The complete lack
of organization really messes with my interface OCD and it can often become over cluttered which makes finding shortcuts harder to find. This, in
my opinion, takes away form its main purpose which is to make your commonly used apps easier to find. It's supposed to save clutter by keeping
you from placing icons all over your desktop when in fact it has the adverse effect.