Katie Mackey


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Interface I Like:
The home screen and navigation pages on the Droid Incredible
I think the entire interface layout of my Droid Incredible phone is really easy to use and self-explanatory. My favorite part is that the user can scroll left to right from the home page and see all the different pages he frequently uses. For example, my phone's pages consist of my "Favorite" contacts, my e-mail, an album of some of my favorite pictures to look through when I'm bored, and a page of reminder notes of things I need to do that day.

Interface I Don't Like:
The fingerprint log-on for Windows Vista & Windows 7
I really don't like using the fingerprint log-on on my computer. The interfaces to log-on with a fingerprint reader for Windows Vista and Windows 7 are exactly the same, and both of them are very slow. Also, as soon as the user tries a fingerprint once, they can't go back to the password log-on. The fingerprint reader doesn't always capture the full fingerprint, so usually I have to scan my finger multiple times before actually being allowed entry. While it is theoretically a good log-on idea, in actuality, it wastes time and causes the user frustration.