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Interface I like: iPhone/iOS


I find iOS to be very intuitive to use. The phone itself has only a few buttons: 2 volume buttons, the vibrate/ringer switch, the lock button, and the one button on the front of the phone (I'll just refer to this as the 'front button'). With just the front button and touch gestures, you are able to perform the majority of the phone's functions. Examples: Pushing an icon on the phone's homescreen opens up the corresponding app. Swiping left or right takes you to other home screens. Clicking the front button once exits the app you are currently in, pushing it twice shows currently running apps.

Interface I don't like: Facebook

Facebook's interface has gotten increasingly complicated and cluttered over time. Just looking at my news feed, I have all these links on the left sidebard, including "Messages", "Events", then other things such as Groups, other apps like "Marketplace", "Photos", etc. There's just a small text box to post a status update. The right sidebar has upcoming events, ads, questions, requests, pokes, and some other facebook links (at least this is what mine looks like). And let's not get into trying to set up privacy settings. I have a slight advantage in being able to navigate this since I've been a Facebook user for many years. But I think that a new user would have a truly difficult time finding out how to use Facebook the first time without the help of another user, or going thru some help/tutorial.