Hey my name is Ryan Rhodes.


Links to my sites:

My email:
ryanrhod at g mail

An interface I enjoy using:
Google's Android OS. I am on my second Android phone now (the Google Nexus S) and I really enjoy using it.
I like several things about it, including but not limited to:
  • The ability to customize the desktop with any apps and widgets you want.
  • You can to long-press on certain UI elements, which gives sort of a right-click option, with a popup menu with other choices.
  • The "back" button that works intuitively throughout various apps. In the web browser, it goes back a page, in other apps it exits to the home screen.

An interface I'm not crazy about:
Microsoft Outlook. I don't use it myself (gmail all the way), but in my two different IT jobs (one at the University of Maryland) I deal with it on a regular basis.
The program isn't completely terrible or anything, but there are several really annoying parts. One I dealt with recently really made it so I used Outlook as my
example on this wiki page.

Basically, the user I was trying to support had several email accounts set up in Outlook. Something happened to one of the accounts, where either her password had changed or there was some other problem with the server, and then this box would constantly pop up. She tried entering the password she knew again, but it wouldn't work. And the box popped up again. There was nothing she could do other than drag it to the side of the screen and ignore it. There should be some checkbox like "Don't ask me again."