Steven Dobek
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Interface I Enjoy:
What it does:
  • By typing in search keywords, you can find websites, videos, images, and various other stuff on the web.

Why I like using it:
  • It's very easy to use.
  • The main function, the search bar, is clear and centered.
  • The bar pops down solutions as you type to speed up the search process and reduce typing.
  • It suggests spelling corrections if you mistype.
  • The big subcategories, i.e. images, video, etc., are listed first, while other categories are connected with the more>> button, so the page is not overly cluttered, but the functionality of the other options sill exist

Interface I DO NOT Enjoy:
My Home Clock Radio (GE 7-4642)
What it does:
  • Tells the time of day.
  • Has an alarm function with programmable time for when the alarm goes off.
    • Can be set to the radio or a buzzer.
  • Backlight that can be turned on or off.
  • Radio functionality.
Why I don't enjoy using it:
  • The way to the set the time is horrendous. The time increments go in one direction only (up) meaning to turn back the clock you must go all the way around to do it.
  • As opposed to hour and minute increases, there fast and slow.
    • Slow works like a minute increase, but still seems to go slower than most.
    • Fast is the worst, as it does not have a consistent speed each time you press it, and is tied to the minutes, not the hours. Often times when i reset the clock, I go over my time at least once, and have to start over again.
    • Getting the correct time is harder than it should be.
  • The clock radio is poorly done. It is almost impossible to get my favorite station.
    • When I use it as my wake up alarm, it's usually some random station.
    • Sometimes it gets caught between two stations and shifts back and forth.