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Interface I like using:

his is an application used to manage KVM switch that has several servers attached to them. With this interface one can access server remotely, connect virtual media to server directly, such as iso files, as well as remotely power on, off and cycle it. This interface doesn't look very fancy but it's very simple and user friendly. It does have some flaws but over all offers great usability. Primary function is to access server, and as you can see the pop up menu's first choice is to connect when you right click on particular server. And power controls are all the way at the bottom away from the you mouse cursor (had to manually draw the cursor at position where clicked).Since it's rarely need to restart or power off servers.

Interface I dislike


This interface is newer interface is a web interface for the same KVM Switch and it's newer than other one. As I mentioned primary purpose is to access server and do work on them. When you click on the server name, a small pop up menu comes up and closest choice to the position of cursor is power cycle, power off, power on, and lastly connect ( in order). Like I said User doesn't need to restart server more than connecting. This is poor design and didn't think about usability. Also suppose there are higher chances of accidentally clicking on power cycle, which would be a bad idea for enterprise environment. Luckily they didn't forget to add confirmation box to verify that you really want to power cycle the server.