Tyler Sellmayer


tylers -(at)- umd -(dot)- edu

Interface I love:
This is an app called Quicksilver. It comes up when I push ctrl+alt+command+space (these are four adjacent buttons, so it's not as complicated as you'd think), and then the next characters I type are used to launch an app. In the screenshot above, I activated Quicksilver and typed "THINK", and it knows that the most-frequently-used app which matches that pattern is located at /Applications/thinkTDA/thinkTDA.app. When I hit return, it launches that app. Basically, it allows me to launch any of my hundreds of applications or open any file on my computer without going into Finder and looking for it.

Interface I don't love so much:
This is the thinkTDA app I was launching in the previous screenshot, specifically the stock "Prophet" part of it. The big graph at the top is charting the strike price of EZPW over the last two days at two-minute intervals. The small graph below it shows the trading volume during those intervals, and the three small graphs below that show the results of different technicals. As you hover your mouse over the graph, each of the titles of the graphs changes to show the value of its function at the interval you're hovering over. The main problem I have with this is the red and green arrows on the price chart and the MOM_BS(21,22,7) chart. Those are buy/sell indicators, pointing at the time where the analysis says you should buy or sell the stock. The problem is, you can't just click on those arrows and figure out what price it wanted you to buy or sell at, you have to try to position your mouse as close as possible and hope you're not too far off from the correct interval. This is a problem because sometimes prices can vary wildly in just a few seconds, so being a little bit off can result in a large price difference.