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One interface I enjoy using: The Current Facebook Interface for Android


This interface allows you to access all of the features on Facebook. With this interface, there is easy access to the News feed, your own profile, your list of friends, messages, places (informing people where you currently are), groups, events, photos and chat. Highlights such as recent pictures, songs or videos posted appear at the bottom of the screen and one can scroll to see what has recently been posted. This interface was a clear improvement from the previous interface posted below. One aspect which is not entirely intuitive is how to access friend requests. Friend requests are accessed through the "Friends" button (the same link to see your current friends). It takes some navigating to discover that. Notifications are also clearly labeled at the bottom with a number indicating how many you have. Clicking your notifications links you to all notifications.

One interface I dislike: The Older Facebook Interface for Android

One obvious drawback of this interface is that there is no clear link to your inbox. I was unclear on how to access my inbox and dont recall that I ever did while I had this interface on my phone. There was also no link for friend requests or even invitations. It was lacking important Facebook functions. The "take a photo" option was also unclear. Would I be taking a photo to post to my profile or to someone else's profile or perhaps as a default? The lack of functionality and the lack of clarity for that option was bothersome for me. I was relieved when I updated from this interface.